2018 Kosmic Mercury S
2018 Kosmic Mercury S 2018 Kosmic Mercury S 2018 Kosmic Mercury S
$5,000.00 $5,800.00

The Mercury chassis takes a S, this is the latest version of our top-range model. The Mercury S, available in the single speed version and with the gearbox, is even lighter in favour of a better handling. The two World Championships won in the last two seasons, gave additional energy to the Kosmic Kart Racing Department and to OTK Kart Group R&D department, so the Mercury S presents several enhancements on the frame made of molybdenum chrome tubes of Ø 30 mm, thus placing it always, and only, at the top.

The Mercury S is the direct descendant of a model that from its introduction has won a huge number of victories in the last seven years. Three Asia Pacific titles, a World Cup in KF3 and two World Championships. This is the formidable roll of honour that inherits the new top model of the Kosmic Kart range. This is why our technicians have been enthusiastic and could realize the Mercury S, a model that adopts even more satisfactory solutions than its predecessor. The overall work done on the floor plate, sprocket hub, steering column support, bumper connection and brake caliper, new for the single speed model, has resulted in a frame champion of light weight. The project approach is not changed, the materials used are top quality and more and more sophisticated, so the Mercury S is more and more perfect and ready to take on the legacy of its predecessor.

The new rear brake caliper, named BSD, has been specially created to meet the needs of single speed categories (OK, OK-Junior and alike) and therefore has specific features that make it unique. Let’s see the particularities of this new technological jewel: the caliper is forged in one-piece and has two pistons Ø 34.5 mm, with stroke recovery, it is completed by evolution type brake tubes and uses DOT 5.1. The achievement of a brake caliper of this quality was only possible thanks to the valuable synergy between our Racing Department and OTK Kart Group R&D department: The Racing Department has put all the experience gained in the most selective and demanding competitions all over the world. The OTK Kart Group R&D department has applied to every stage of the project the meticulousness with which it faces every challenge. The result obtained with the BSD brake caliper is a more responsive system, more tough and even more reliable.