2020 Exprit Rookie EV 950 Cadet
The 2019 season will be the stage of a significantly evolved version of the model for the Mini category, the Rookie EV.
The R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group mainly focused on the new BSM4 braking system and the bare frames geometries.
The precise aim was to produce a model that would effectively adapt to the many different conditions on the track.
The technology leading to the creation of the new Mini braking system, called BSM4, is resulting from the studies concerning the braking system for the top-range models.
The new system, strictly with an Ergal caliper, is equipped with 4 pistons, the one-piece brake pump is in Ergal and it is equipped with aeronautical pipes, with steel mesh sheath. All Ergal components, as well as the brakes of the Victory and V2 models, are subjected to thickness hard anodizing treatment. An additional quality standard proving the high quality of the material, making it more resistant and performing.
The newly developed self-ventilated brake disc  completes the BSM4 package. The maniacal care given to the synergic work done among caliper, pump and disc, allowed a smaller excursion of the brake pedal and a perfect regulation.