Prisma Digital Tyre Gauge w/Stop Watch
Prisma Digital Tyre Gauge w/Stop Watch Prisma Digital Tyre Gauge w/Stop Watch Prisma Digital Tyre Gauge w/Stop Watch Prisma Digital Tyre Gauge w/Stop Watch

Now you don’t need to carry two instruments to the pitlane, the HiPreMa 4 gives you two instruments in one.
You will not only get the best tire pressure gauge on the market but also an hi-end stop watch that gives you the possibility to time up to 4 drivers simultaneously with 9 individual split times for each driver.

Do you want to switch from PRESSURE GAUGE to LAP TIMER or vice versa ?
Just press MODE button - Very simple !!

All the features of the High Precision Tire Pressure Gauge Hiprema 4 and of the multi riders Stopwatch in the same instrument.
It has been designed to simplify the way of work during the race weekend.

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature - °C or °F
  • Languages Menu ITA - ENG - FRA
  • Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity
  • Removable belt clip
  • IP55
  • MODE A - Absolute Split times mode
  • MODE I - Incremental Split Times mode

For each session you can recall :

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature
  • The 3 best LAPS for each driver
  • The Split Times for each LAP
  • 25 Stopwatch sets of data
  • 25 Tire pressures sets of data


An very easy of use way of quickly just checking the hot tyre pressure. By activating this function the pressure gauge HIPREMA 4 save automatically the HOT tire pressures without pressing any buttons.

PRESSURE gauge accuracy : 0.1%
  • Maximum error at 5 BAR : +/- 0,005 BAR -- ( 0.072 PSI )
  • Maximum error at 1 BAR : +/- 0,001 BAR -- ( 0.014 PSI )
  • Tire pressure gauge HPM4 does not require calibration. The internal microprocessor automatically performs the procedure in order to reach a reliable measure at 100%.

  • BAR and PSI for tire pressure gauge
  • CELSIUS and FAHRENHEIT for air temperature measurement

Setup of the favourite rotation for saving pressures
  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise
  • Start from FRONT wheels or REAR wheels