The Rotax 125 Senior Max EVO engine features an electronic Power Valve. This new system replaces the original adjustable Power Valve and now specifically opens at 7,600rpm or 7,900rpm based on driver preference. The Power Valve creates two port timings to deliver maximum power at low speed and top speed; so you get the best of both worlds. Like the Junior engine, the Senior Max requires no additional blueprinting or engine tuning prior to use. The standard setup of the carburettor covers nearly all operating conditions. For extreme conditions the jetting of the carburettor can be changed in between sessions, and no longer requires the driver to 'tune' whilst racing. The engine has an integrated electric starter with ignition switch. It can be downgraded to the Junior version with just a few components (available as a kit). A 6 month manufacturers warranty is included with the engine.



Complete Airbox, Dellorto VHSB 34 'XS' Carburettor, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Exhaust System, Radiator, Battery Cradle, Battery Charger, Ignition Coil, Cable Harness, ON/OFF/START Switch.


*battery is no longer included with engine 



A highly durable, low maintenance, user friendly engine perfect for beginners, leisure karters or racers with experience looking to compete in a high performance category.