UniGo 6005  Basis kit Incl. GPS antenna

UniGo 6005 Basic Kit Incl. GPS Antenna

Lap memory: Virtual unlimited

Log memory: Virtual unlimited

Channels logged: Lap time, position, RPM, 2 x temperature, speed, gear, ambient temperature, voltage. Logged at up to 60 Hz

Sensor inputs: RPM, 2 x temperature*, speed*, trigger, external power and expansion

GPS: Yes

Trigger: Magnet, infrared, active loop, GPS

Split times: Magnets, wheel sensor

Real-time-clock: Yes

Expandable: Yes

Display type: 256 x 160 pixels, 16 gray scales

Backlight: Yes

LED warnings: 5 high-brightness, fully programmable

Data upload: USB high-speed via optional USB cable or optional Unipro Flash key

Casing: Lightweight plastic

Waterproof: Yes

Dimensions: 131.5 x 94.0 x 18.0 mm (5.18" x 3.70" x 0.71")

* Shared connector: Optional cable splitter needed

UniGo 6005 is both a Laptimer and a Data Logger. It means that all data are stored in the Laptimer at up to 60 times per second. It makes it possible to transfer the results to a PC or MAC for further analyzing. The included analyze program will give you the complete overview together with the possibility to compare results between drivers, training sessions and heats.

The kit contains the Laptimer with free choice of receiver (magnet, loop or IR), RPM wire, power cable and a battery holder for six AA batteries. It gives you the possibility to measure lap times and engine revolutions.